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Products are designed and developed by vast experienced R&D team of ACPL. Our team of R&D are only engage in innovation and up gradation of product to keeping in mind “How to provide best efficient and competent products to our users”.


Input Range Available: 90-280 V AC 140-280 V AC Output Voltage: 200-240 V AC

Servo Servo


The problem of fluctuation in supply voltage is a menace to electrical equipments. The magnitude of supply voltage should be reasonably constant to ensure long life of electrical equipments and optimum utilization of production system. ACPL Servo Voltage Stabilizer is high-speed electro-mechanical regulators that provide constant voltage at pre-determined level. They yield an accurate and constant voltage. The stability in the output is achieved by the means of closed loop system in which the fixed portion of outputs is compared with a stable reference voltage. Any change in the output voltage will generate an error voltage, which is amplified suitably and fed for corrective action (i.e.to lower raise the output voltage as required). A solid state IC based electronic circuit in modular form assembled on glass epoxy PCB is used for this purpose. We have over the year’s accumulated vast experience in this field. With the help of our in-house active R & D Base, we are constantly working on technology up gradation and are in a position to offer customization of any equipment in our range.

Silent Features:

  • Extremely High Efficiency.
  • Virtually Zero Waveform Distortion.
  • No Phase Shift.
  • Effect Of Load On Power Factor – Nil.
  • Insensitive To Load Magnitude & Power Factor.
  • A Close Accuracy Of The Output For All Variation Of Line Voltage Or Load Current
  • Fast Correction Rate Up To 70V/Sec.
  • Quick Response Time 10 MS (Half A Cycle).
  • Industrial Grade Design For Indoor Topical Use.
Other Specifications Download Specification
Conformation Of Servo Motor Operated LVC To IS:9815 (Pt-1) for single phase
Number Of Phases On Output Single
BIS Marked No
Input Voltage Range Per Phase 120-280 Volt
Output 240 Volt
KVA Rating 3 KVA
Type Of Cooling Air cooled
Quantity Of Oil NA Litres
Efficiency At Rated Output 95 %
Power Factor .95
Continuous Duty Yes
No Load Loss At Minimum Rated Input WATT Watt
No Load Loss At Maximum Rated Input Voltage WATT Watt
Full Load Loss At Minimum Rated Input Voltage WATT Watt
Full Load Loss At Maximum Rated Input Voltage WATT Watt
Warranty 1 Years
Availability Of Type Test Report From Central Government/NABL/ILAC Accridiated Laboratory To Prove Conformity To The Specification Yes
Test Report No NA
Test Report Date NA
Name Of Lab NA
Address Of Lab NA